We are a high-end creative studio for advertising agencies, focused on the artistic use of technology to produce print, motion and concept art work. Our team loves to create astonishing and captivating images.

But it didn’t just start now. One of the founders of Seagulls Fly along with two others from his team founded Gingerpic. Seagulls Fly was a respected carioca studio, that for 15 years produced outstanding images for agencies in Brasil and around the world. From this experience they inherited a great relationship with clients and a perspective of a future filled with more challenges. We created a new company focused on serving the American market with outstanding technology and art.

The message you wish to convey is our starting point at Gingerpic. We will work with you to recognize your specific needs and find the best visual solution. Your ideas come to life with our multi-skilled and creative team as we use integrated solutions in creative campaigns and creative solutions in integrated campaigns. Nothing is impossible.

We develop creative works for global clients and great agencies and create more satisfied clients worldwide. And last (but not least) we believe that our images should communicate. That’s why we create images that speak to people.