TRX® invited us to work alongside their creative and marketing team to develop a new visual language for their line of world-class suspension training equipment.
since the initial briefing gave us total freedom to create, our team started exploring different design paths working with the client’s typography, photographic assets, color identity and all the other elements of TRX’s rich universe. 
Playing with blowout types and photos, scale and color contrasts, Gingerpic’s team came up with the first creative line, always taking into consideration that the layouts should be dynamic and work on both static and motion assets.

After this first round of layouts - exploring blowout elements of the brand - our team tried different visual approaches by deconstructing the brand and products. Next, we invested in a different path from these studies exploring the product’s stripes, using them as the main graphic element for static and motion pieces.

Creative Director: Warren Frost  |  Copywriter: Jackie Judge |  Producer: Heather Ham / Lisa Falvo  |  Video: Blueox Films

Art Director: Fabiano Feijó |  Design/Concept: Daniela Serpa, George Rutherford, josé Menezes  |   Motion Graphics: Daniela Serpa  | Production management: Ana Azambuja

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