Thuma, a furniture design brand commissioned us to develop a film celebrating the launch of their new Grey Bedroom Suite collection.

  Using Unreal Engine 5 as the main tool, we created photo-real shots of the furniture pieces with dramatic light and camera angles. Immerse in a fictional world, depicted with dynamic camera movement, the film takes the viewer on a journey  through a magical environment inspired by the collection’s color palette.

Project breakdown:

Crédito da animação de THUMA:
Client: THUMA
Producer: Greg Martinez
Creative Director: Ryan Jones
Art Director: Josh Lebowitz
Production: Gingerpic
Animation: Fabricio Moraes
Environment and Modeling: Guilherme Formenti
Project Manager: Ana Cláudia Azambuja
ECD: Fabiano Feijo
Producer: Luiz Buhler


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